We make the most demanded resources on the Internet available via the most reliable and optimized routes.

Fiord is an international backbone operator.

About us

About us

Fiord was founded back in 2002.

Our main task is to provide our clients with the best IP traffic transit services, as well as robust leased line services.

We do that at any scale from interdistrict to international. Our networks span across multiple European countries and the European part of Russian Federation.

Fiord network combines high availability, high connectivity, and optimal routing. We have direct connections to all major international telecom operators and content providers, and are present at all major European traffic exchange points.

Fiord is well known by all the leading telecom operators in Russia for our capabilities and the high level of expertise.

Fiord in numbers

Member of TOP-100 worldwide and TOP-10 Russian telecom operators by the number of routed autonomous systems.
16 Tbps total bandwidth of DWDM backbone
5 Tbps total bandwidth of IP/MPLS network core
3000+ km total length of DWDM backbone
8 European countries
20 backbone nodes
20 years on market