Protection from DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are a serious threat to the Internet resources in the modern world.

Fiord possesses a set of tools to protect its network and help its client in protection from and mitigation of such attacks.

  1. Blackhole, a BGP-based method of protection during which the client conducts an analysis of the attack, finds out the attack vector, and notifies Fiord of the attack announcing the blackhole community 28917:666. All the malicious traffic to the specified IP address will be rejected. This method is available to all Fiord clients using the IP Transit service, and allows them to analyse the traffic and protect their network from volumetric attacks.
  2. FlowSpec, a protection method that lets the client to rapidly block various DDoS attacks using custom filtering rules. The client analyzes the traffic, identifies the type and vector of the attacks, and then using the BGP protocol sends FlowSpec rules to the Fiord equipment. The rules are activated on a borderline router nearest to the client. The method is best suitable for the clients who want to analyze their traffic on their own, and is a good protection from volumetric attacks.
  3. The Mitigator, a complex software tool for protection from DDoS attacks. Each resource to be protected (a web site, a corporate network, a game server, etc.) possesses unique properties that attract attacts of various types, that is why the methods of protection from those attacks should also vary and be complex and comprehensive. That is what Fiord offers its clients. The Mitigator does not simply block the traffic during an attack, but instead cleans the traffic with surgical precision, and only lets through the legitimate users while keeping all the malicious botnets away.

    Using the cutting edge technologies such as DPDK, Intel Hyperscan & QuickAssist in The Mitigator allows to rebuff attacks of any volume and keep the protected resource available to legitimate users at all times. All the traffic coming through The Mitigator is analyzed and distributed across the protection policies using the routing rules that allow to dissect the traffic flows using various criteria and process them with the maximum possible efficiency. Each protection policy employs a number of countermeasure modules that process the traffic. Such a multi-tier protection makes the intenet services, game servers, and other applications highly available.

The Mitigator protection is provided by Fiord in partnership with SRVCORE, the professional protection service based on MITIGATOR, the traffic analysis and cleansing complex developed by BIFIT company.


  • Highly efficient protection from various types of DDoS attacks;
  • Flexible methods for filtering and blocking malicious traffic;
  • Can use multiple tools at the same time;
  • MITIGATOR, the cutting edge tool;