Leased line services

Leased line is a level 1 and 2 transport service using DWDM and Ethernet technologies over the Fiord optical fiber network. The service allows for establishing a fixed point-to-point route at a defined bandwidth. The required fail safety and quality of service are achievable via selection of the desired bandwidth, redundancy and routing plans, and are backed by the cutting edge network equipment used by Fiord.

You can connect to our Leased communication channels service using either a 100 Gpbs or a 10 Gbps interface.


  • Cuttung edge DWDM equipment;
  • 16 Tbps total bandwidth of DWDM backbone;
  • High transmission quality for any type of traffic;
  • Complete transparency of the transport channel;
  • Alien lambda option available at 10+ DWDM nodes of Fiord network;
  • Ethernet L2 option available at 30+ points of presence;
  • 24/7 network monitoring.